Our wholesale food distribution business has been providing a continuous flow of fresh vegetables, frozen foods and dry foods to restaurants and fast food outlets throughout Devon & Cornwall for 29 years.

With our own fleet of vehicles, we ensure delivery is made on time to all our customers without being held to ransom by third party vehicle contractors.

Also, our own food storage facilities gives us total control over our inventory and ensures the quality of our foodstuff isn't compromised.

In short, we are our client’s lifeline and their business depend on us to keep them supplied and in demand.

Not only have we been in wholesale food distribution for twenty nine years, our management team are employed from the restaurant and fast food industry we serve - who else is better at understanding your needs?

Operating from a 4000sq feet warehouse uniquely situated near Plymouth’s City Centre, it boasts state of the art technology for faster on/off-loading time. Walk in commercial refrigeration units provide quick access to proper cold storage for frozen bulk items.

To ensure frozen foods are delivered at the correct temperature from cold storage to the clients’ business premises, our delivery vehicles include freezer trucks; while fresh vegetables and other chilled food products are transported in refrigerated fitted vans.

Besides authentic Asian food and ingredients, we also carry a wide selection of non-Asian food brands and catering related items like cups, lids, greaseproof bags, order pads, carrier bags, foil containers and lids.

For further details regarding minimum order quantity or general enquiries contact us at 07152 208899. If you wish to simply place an order with us email